Children...barely over eighteen...hunted by the government... Join the post-apocalyptic struggle as the heroes develop special powers when they hit eighteen and are hated for it.
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It is now the year 2030. Eighteen years ago in the year 2012 a nuclear bomb went off over Russia, destroying the country and sending many to their deaths. However, many children still lived and thrived safely inside their mother's wombs. These children grow up in this world that is trying to rebuild after its almost complete destruction. These next eighteen years seem to pass by almost in slow motion for the mother's of these children and they start to see certain changes in their offspring.

These children, seem to exibit certain powers, and some families soon begin to shun these so called freaks. However they are not freaks they are Meta-humans due to their abilities that have laid dormant in them until their eighteenth birthdays. After they reach their birthdays, those enough, "unlucky" enough to recieve powers become shunned by not only their families but by society as well and are hunted down by the government, bent on their dystruction. So these children flee children flee to the only known safe haven for their kind. Paris, and the Eiffel Tower.

However, Lex Trinity, president of the world has fallen in love with a meta, and on her adivce formed an all meta-task force, lead my subject meta-human 0013, known as Saphire Alexial to those who get close enough to him, to hunt down their own kind, in order to try to bring the world back from not only the brink of extinction but war as well.

However, there is a group of Meta's known to themselves as Outcasts but referred to by the government as the freak rebellion have their own plans in mind for the world that they have been raised in. They believe in a world where the government isn't hunting after them and they are accepted for what they are, as not being unlucky but gifted. Through their leader, Garulia, they hope to achieve this goal but will they in this war for human rights? Which side will win, and now the question is, which will you choose?
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