Children...barely over eighteen...hunted by the government... Join the post-apocalyptic struggle as the heroes develop special powers when they hit eighteen and are hated for it.
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 Eden, King Of Darkness

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Eden, King of Darkness

Eden, King of Darkness

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PostSubject: Eden, King Of Darkness   Eden, King Of Darkness Icon_minitimeTue Oct 05, 2010 9:01 pm

His Majesty Beacons

Eden, King Of Darkness Logan-Lerman

Name: Eden, King of Darkness

Alias: Eden Kismet

Race: Darksider

Occupation: His Royal Highness

Gender: Male

Age: 325


Hair: Black

Eyes: Arctic Blue

Skin tone: Caucasian with a slight tan

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 154 lbs.

Body type: Swimmer's build

Apparent age: 15~19

Notable Markings: Eden's eyes are so blue they seem to glow in bright lights.

Realm clothing: In the Dark Realm, Eden wears either the cloths of a servant boy, or Black Jade armor with silver linings.

Human Realm: He wears every thing and anything a normal teen would wear, or, a button down shirt, slacks, and a blazer.


Natural abilities: Eden is trained in fighting with all types of bladed weapons but prefers his chained coma. It is the only weapon he uses that isn't made of Shadows.

Weapons: He only carries one weapon, his chained coma.

Metaphysical powers:

Otenabration~ The power to control and manipulate shadows, Make them corporal, and to step into them, merge, and come out In another shadow within twenty yards of himself.


Limited Power bestowal ~ He can only bestow powers for twenty four hours and only to Darksiders.

Omniscience ~ He can know all and see all that happens within his own realm, but people from other realms are only vague images that he can not make out details about, or hear.

Portals ~ Only between the human realm and the Darkworld


Eden was the prince of the Dark realm. He and his brother Daragoth were almost always at odds due to there birth order. Eden, being older, never wanted to take up the crown. Daragoth how ever, knew the only way to get the crown for himself was to kill his older brother. They were twins, Eden born only sixteen minutes before Daragoth.

To fulfill his plot, Daragoth started a Civil War inside the Dark Realm. His brother was the only living member of the family that was still young enough to fight, but not old enough to be considered a General. The war raged between the two for two years. On the final day of the war, the armies had turned away, not wanting to bear the burden of killing there own kin any longer.

It turned into a fight to the bitter end, for Daragoth any way. But Eden was more a fighter then his brother. His brother was a statistician with to much hunger for power. With out an army to march in front of him, Eden quickly defeated Daragoth. But to his brother's surprise, Eden held out his hand. "We are brothers. Let us stop this fight before we lose the one that shares our blood." Daragoth, in anger and humiliation spat upon his brother's outstretched hand. And using the very last of his power layed a curse upon his brother.
So you now are, for ever will you be. Time will take all you love, and you will still be. Forever in the mirror will be this image of me With that, Daragoth cursed Eden to be eternaly young. Not Immortal, but cursed with Eternal Youth. He would never age physically, or Mentally. Now for the past three hundered and nine years, Eden has reigned over the Dark realm with the power of his bloodline, and even though he is known for his iron clad hold on them, his people still love him.

No one has seen the King out of his armor in over a hundred years, or so they think. They have forgotten the true tale of Eden, and so dismiss the boy sitting at the 'Kings' feet.

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Christabelle Trinity

Christabelle Trinity

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PostSubject: Re: Eden, King Of Darkness   Eden, King Of Darkness Icon_minitimeTue Oct 05, 2010 9:04 pm


Eden, King Of Darkness Christy
Thanks to Matt Lestrange of PA for this awesome new Siggie!!!

Eden, King Of Darkness ChristySig
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Eden, King Of Darkness
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