Children...barely over eighteen...hunted by the government... Join the post-apocalyptic struggle as the heroes develop special powers when they hit eighteen and are hated for it.
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PostSubject: Saphire   Saphire Icon_minitimeMon Sep 06, 2010 6:02 pm

Name/Nickname: Saphire Alexial Crimson/Gieas

Age : 18

-Height: 6' 2"
-Weight: 145 lbs.
-Hair colour: Sandy blond
-Skin colour: lightly tanned
-Body type: Swimmer's build
-Eye colour: Violet
-Street Clothing: Nothing that attrects to much attention to himself. Normaly just jeans or cargos and a shirt.
Clothing: A black armored leather t-shirt, black armored leather pants
and boots, black leather bracers, and a poketed belt.
Markings: Saphire's Most notible markings are his silver pentagram on
his chest and the two scars running down his back, from shoulder blade
to collor bone.

Gender: Male

Weapons: A pair of bladed tonfa, a whip, and silver throwning daggers.

abilities: Saphire has trained his entire life in Gymnastics and
Freerunning {also called Parkara}. So has developed his speed and
agility. He is also trained in thivery and lockpicking.

Saphire has exibited the powers of Phase Stepping and Electrokinisis.
Phase Stepping is the abillity to literly slipp between the Realms of
reaility and travle vast distances almost instantly returing to reality
in either realm.

Back-story [where your character came from, family, any other important facts]:
was born in a mental institute, and put up for adoption. He was taken
in and trained by a former Circus preformer and trained to do
acrobatics, gymnastics, and Parkara or Free Running. After his 'Father'
was diagnosed with cancer, Saphire took to the streets to get the money
needed for the old man's chemotherepy.

Years after the old man
died, Saphire's world was changed once more. On his eightteenth
birthday, he discovered his power of phase stepping, trying to escape
from the thugs and gangs of the slums. He found his power of
electrokinesis when his anger got out of hand the next day. The same
men, whome he had assumed were gang memebers, traked him down to a
hidden theives den. As the men swarmed the cavern, the boy's anger
flared and the ended up electracuting every other person in the

Now he isn't just on the run from the Goverment, he's also on the run from the New Thieves Guild.

Saphire's nature is secretive. He lives by his own rules, and plays by
them as well. His entire reason for living now is to discover why he is
being hunted down.
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