Children...barely over eighteen...hunted by the government... Join the post-apocalyptic struggle as the heroes develop special powers when they hit eighteen and are hated for it.
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Name/Nickname [if one]: Amir Camoor
Nickname: Slasher

Appearance: Amir is about five foot three inches. Not very tall, but she makes up for it in other ways. Her weight is about 120-125 pounds, and she is very light built and quick on her toes. Her eyes are yellow. She wears a leather outfit, conforming to her shaply form. She has a belt with various tools such as a grappling hook . She has long curly red hair, and plae white skin. She is also a woman, obviously.

Weapons:She has two blades that rest on her back when not in use. She also had daggers and throwing knives on her belt. She has one gun strapped to her thigh.

Abilities:She has telepathy. She can move things and attack others with her mind. She is also able to block others of the same gift if they try to invade her mind. She is very adept at using all her weapons. She is an excellent tracker.

Back-story: When Aparents mir turned eighteen, her gift came. She was not afraid of it, why would she be? She was capable of hiding her gift from others, but her parents eventually found out. She fled her home, and took a train to Paris. She wandered the streets lonely and scared, when one day a man approached her. He attempted to rape her and failed horribly at his task. She slammed him with her mental abilities into the wall, and his head cracked open spilling his brains on the cement. Another person came up behind her and put their hand on her shoulder. She turned, her intent on killing the person, when she was confronted with the owner of the hand. An old lady. She paused, and in her hesitation, the old woman began speaking to her rapidly. She spoke of a man living in Paris, a man trying to destroy the evil in the world. She told Amir their would be awards, and praise directed at her if she complied and chose to work with this man. She agreed, and the old woman told her the name of the man was Cedric, but that she would never meet him in person. After this encounter, AMir was challenged with tasks of finding and eliminating people all over the desolate world. She tracked freaks more than anything, apparently they were deemed evil by many..including the government and Cedric.
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