Children...barely over eighteen...hunted by the government... Join the post-apocalyptic struggle as the heroes develop special powers when they hit eighteen and are hated for it.
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Christabelle Trinity

Christabelle Trinity

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PostSubject: Inactivity   Inactivity Icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 6:25 pm

Ok I'm understanding very well that we all have lives outside of the fabulous world we know as the internet but come on people! This kind of inactivity is what is going to make a lot of great sites die....its also why we have our coming and going forum so you can let us know if you aren't going to be active. I know that its hard but even I'm going to make an effort to be more active and I have a full time job and another part time job.

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Thanks to Matt Lestrange of PA for this awesome new Siggie!!!

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