Children...barely over eighteen...hunted by the government... Join the post-apocalyptic struggle as the heroes develop special powers when they hit eighteen and are hated for it.
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PostSubject: Van   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:11 pm

Name/Nickname: van

Age: 18

Appearance: Van is kinda tall for his age, well he's very tall for any age. I guess thats just what happens when you have a computer growing out of your face. His body is covered in blue and red computer cords all travling under his skin. Down his left arm he has a miss match key board that is never really used. He had black mattered hair but for some reason it all fell off and his skull became covered in plastic. Runing down his back he has scars with the end of cords poking out and sharp bits of metal.
-Height: 2 meters
-Weight: 60kgs
-Eye colour: none
-Clothing: Usually nothing more then some old blood splattered jeans, a way to old jacket and a pair of old black boots.
Gender: Male

Weapons: None.

Abilities : Radiowaves, the man can see radiowaves and on occasions become radio waves, suck them in or even edit them. Electricity.

Back-story Van never really got on with his parents, it was kind of a hate-hate relationship. It was properly for the better that he ran away when he did. Three months later he started changing. His face was practicly eaten by his computer. He was left in a helpless state. Before his computer basicly reboted life. Since then he's been on the run, and surfing the net. Of course.

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